I am in love with this place.

I’ve been in Hawaii about 24 hours now and I can already say, with no shadow of any doubt, that it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I don’t even think I’m in the “nicest” part of the state which is the crazy part. I can’t really believe I’m here altogether, in fairness.

Our flight from Vegas was 6 hours – 6 turbulent, seat-belt-sign-flashing, stuffy, severe-lack-of-legroom hours. Allegiant Airlines – the epitome of getting what you pay for.

Regardless, as soon as I saw the turquoise waters of Oahu the flight was forgotten. I’ve never seen water like it – crystal clear and bright aqua coloured. Once we’d met the Boy’s parents, who’ve flown in from Canada, we headed to our condo (Air BnB) to scrub up. Our first meal in Hawaii was amazing – on a recommendation from a local, we had dinner on the local army base (never have I had to show ID to get to a restaurant). Imagine a huge wooden deck, literally sitting on the ocean, waves crashing at your feet. A performer plays the ukulele and sings softly in the background; couples take to the floor and begin slow dancing to his music. The server brings out our food – a mountain of Kalua pulled pork nachos and two huge racks of ribs. They are the best ribs I’ve ever eaten. The beer is cold and refreshing in 85 degree heat. I am quickly realising I am going to love it here.

Now, I would just like to take this moment to pay my respects. Today was actually a very sad day. Today, the traveller’s worst nightmare happened. It happened to me.

Rest in peace, my faithful GoPro. 😦

We’ve spent the day sunning ourselves on Makaha beach, on, of course, golden sand and in, of course, crystal blue waters. And WARM waters, nonetheless – the temperature was actually quite shocking, like wading into a lukewarm bath. A lukewarm bath in which my GoPro is now floating aimlessly, eternally…

The Boy did a flip underwater which I was trying to film. Lol. Mistake – the Boy has very long legs, which knocked into me, which knocked the camera out of my hand. I’m trying to laugh at it now – I shed actual tears earlier and sat on the beach, generally thinking “FML” repeatedly.

Then I realised I was still sat on a beach, in Hawaii, so I in turn realised pretty quickly that life still isn’t so bad, GoPro or no. Shitty thing to happen, but not so bad in the grand scheme. Live and learn eh.

Makaha Beach

We sat on the beach a little longer, watching the tiny white crabs pop out of their little hidey-holes, throwing sand out as they do then scurrying to the next hole. When I remembered that I am, in fact, as close to a red head as a person can be without being ginger, therefore burn almost instantly, we headed back to the condo and spent the remainder of the daylight reading, swimming, chilling, drinking beer, chatting… What other relaxing activities can one do on a day like today? Answers on a postcard please. The condo is beautiful – small and quaint, in the middle of the Makaha Valley itself. Roosters, chickens and peacocks roam freely around the property, palm trees sway softly in the breeze. I still cannot believe the landscapes here; the huge, blackened, volcanic formations in every direction shrouded by fluffy pink clouds, the craggy coastline which abruptly turns into smooth golden sand and crashing waves. I’ve not seen anything like it in my life – no scenery has ever made me want to throw on some hiking boots and get going so desperately. It’s truly amazing.

FlowersPalm Trees

The Boy and I ran down to the beach today for the sunset – true to the stereotypes, it’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The clouds formed a weird shelf-like shape across the sky; the sky turned from blue to yellow to pink to blue to purple to red to blue. It was breathtaking. I adore this place – how could anybody not? I’m in paradise.