Give me coffee to handle the things I can change, and wine to deal with the things I can’t.

I love wine – plain and simple. Whether you’re bathing in the glorious sunshine of a beautiful Summer’s day, or snuggled up by the fire in your PJs; be it an earthy red, refreshing rosé or a sharp white: there is a bottle of wine out there to suit any occasion.

I will not make any attempt whatsoever to come across as though I know anything further than the absolute basics of vino; past the fact that Sauvignon smells a little like cat’s wee, and reds can be “full bodied” or “light”, I am unable to tell you much. I just enjoy drinking wine, and, having grown up living in a pub for 20 of my 22 years, have sampled a few different glasses in my time. That, plus a day-long wine tasting tour I enjoyed in New Zealand a few years ago, pretty much sums up my “expertise”.

To that end, I was still extremely surprised when I turned up at the Taste of Melbourne festival last week and found a tent dedicated solely to Indian wine.

Yes, wine which is grown, and bottled, in India.

Chile, New Zealand, Australia -France, of course… But India?


Grover Zampa is a premium grape grower and producer of quality wines, established since the late 1970s in the rolling hills of India by Kanwal Grover himself. Through his own ambitions, plus a partnership with a pioneering Frenchman, George Vesselle, much trouble was taken to find the very specific regions of the country with perfect conditions for a vineyard to prosper; thus, Grover Zampa was born.

Some 40 years later and the business is going strong, with over 400 acres of vineyard across the country. Grover bottle and export a huge range of wines from sharp sparkling wines to deep, rich reds.

I have never heard of wine being produced in India – thus, I was extremely skeptical. And in turn equally blown away by how delicious each of their wines were.

A beautiful, family-run business with incredible ethics, a fantastic product and wonderful backstory; Grover are even featured on the extremely prestigious wine menus in a number of France-based Michelin star restaurants, an accolade to the true scale of their quality. They’ve won countless awards for various different wines, and genuinely – these guys deserve way more credit and press than they’re currently getting.

Indian wine – a new concept, sure, but one I am going to look forward to keeping an eye out for moving forwards.

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