Uh oh.

It’s happened again.

Australia has, once again, duped the Boy & I through the use of not-to-scale maps, misleadingly high speed limits and somewhat modest estimations of distance from “helpful” locals…

Canberra is still 4+ hours away.

Good lord.


Okay, so when this is the road you’re driving it’s difficult to dread another 4 hours in the car – in fact, we’ve had a truly beautiful couple of days. Having finished work at our beautiful farm (sob), and with tickets to Vanuatu booked for this weekend, we need to make our way to Brisbane – about 2000kms – pretty sharpish. In a last-minute flurry of controversy, we opted to work our way there inland rather than driving the coast, for numerous reasons:

  1. We want to spend at least one night in Canberra, just to say we’ve been. Just because, okay.
  2. The route inland is riddled with national parks, with little to no highway driving – that’s our shit.
  3. It’s quicker (so we thought – wrongly – but it was definitely a part of the decision-making process).
  4. It’s summer, meaning that the coast will be packed to the shithouse rafters with a loud, messy amalgamation of holidaying families with screaming kids aaand – even worse – pretentious, backpacking wankers (much like ourselves), contributing to hiked up prices, chocca beaches and accommodation which needs to be booked “in advance”. Psshh.

Nein danke.

Right, rant over. Essentially it has been incredible so far – we drove straight north through the upper Yarra Valley which is just stunning, then began skirting the Alpine National Park. We even treated ourselves to a hotel room (how have we lived without air-con for so long?) and this morning we set off deeper inland, as always sticking to B and C roads only.

It was the right choice, driving the interior route, and it’s been an eventful day – from an impromptu dip in a beautiful alpine lake, to rescuing a poor girl from the side of the road who had literally nearly driven her car off of a cliff after crashing into a wall…

We’ve been heading vaguely in Canberra’s direction for hours, through incredible mountain vistas and beautiful, sunshine-baked countryside… We’ve been on the road for about 6 hours.

Yet Canberra is still >250kms away.

This country is So. Bloody. Big.

To be continued…