Sooo as many of you may have (probably not) noticed, I have been a little quiet for the past few months. And by “a little” we obviously mean -completely- quiet. Here is a very quick run down:

  • The Boy and I had a quad bike accident in Vanuatu back in January.
  • I had some serious internal injuries and had to fly to a neighbouring country, New Caledonia, for hospitalization (Vanuatu is unfortunately pretty much third-world when it comes to healthcare).
  • My insurance company did not cover me (that’s a story for another time) which made everything somewhat difficult.
  • Various CT scans and tests revealed severe internal bleeding from a ruptured liver along with a fractured kidney, a large haematoma (aka A BIG OLD LUMP) on my large intestine, a couple of messed up fingers, a ghastly gash in my leg, some snapped tendons here and there plus the obligatory stitches all over.
  • Absolutely no fun.
  • None at all.

Needless to say, I lost a little motivation; it was a mess, from the moment the accident happened. I won’t go in to detail – just imagine being in horrific pain and surrounded by people who don’t speak your native language at any level, so therefore having no idea what the blooming heck is going on.

No. Fun.

Oh and it cost me about $13,000. Yeah take that in. Thirteen THOUSAND dollars. Six and a half thousand Great British Pounds. Sterling. Quids. ££££££££££££££££££££s. For some stitches and a hospital bed – no surgery, no actual action to be taken. $13,000. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, kids – to all you MOANY Brits out there MOANING about how TERRIBLE the NHS is and how you had to wait like 3 WHOLE DAYS for your doctors appointment and that receptionist had the very GALL to dare ask what it may be regarding in case you could perhaps pop down to the pharmacist instead GOD FORBID, goodness and not to MENTION it’s so completely outrageous that prescriptions now cost EIGHT WHOLE POUNDS and 40 GOD DAMNED, HARD-EARNED PENNIES, I say this: TAKE IT ELSEWHERE PLAYER because I am not interested.)

NEVERTHELESS we are so, unbelievably L U C K Y to be alive and that I genuinely believe (helmets, children). 4 months later and we’ve been enjoying a slow but steady recovery, seeing a bit more of Australia and just generally counting our lucky stars. The Boy had some bad bruising and cuts but was otherwise unharmed, and I’m on the right track, non inc. a few hefty scars and a couple of minors (who needs feeling in the right knee, anyway? Or use of all 5 fingers per hand? That’s just greedy.)

We’re taking a little time out and have travelled back to the UK to spend some time with the family… I want to start writing again but, as always, it is a work in progress. I went a bit overboard and put a load of pressure on myself to write alllllll the time before, which is not like to be the case this time; I love writing, and I stopped enjoying it so much. No good.

SO anyway please bear with me. And keep reading, sharing, liking and commenting because it makes me super happy, and does not go unnoticed. Thanks chaps 🙂


PS… I’m not sure how to put this sooo I have some preeeeetty gory pics of myself after the accident – given that I’m still kicking I don’t mind showing them to people, but I’m unsure if it’s quite right to just throw them up here willy-nilly for those slightly more sensitive souls to potentially have to witness… With that in mind, send me a message or comment if you’d like to see me all bashed up! (Be honest with yourselves, people – it’s like slowing at the scene of an accident; we all do it.) Winky face.