I will make this really simple.

     1. Buzzing culture, rich history

Teeming streets selling homemade wares; cobbled roads and smoky shops. The very spot where Franz Ferdinand was shot, unofficially starting World War I. Buildings riddled with bullet holes next to striking modern developments – the remainders of the brutal conflict of the 90s… Bosnia is hardly short of things to see and stories to delve into.

     2. From striking cities to rolling countryside

The history of Bosnia has left it somewhat scarred; this just adds to the beauty. The abundance of glorious natural beauty in the hills is juxtaposed  by the striking architecture in Bosnia’s towns and cities – from the gleaming limestone of Mostar to the redbrick of Sarajevo.

     3. F o o d

Put simply? The Bosnian people know how to cook meat.

I know that sounds weird; meat is the main ingredient in most Bosnian dishes and they create the most delicious, diverse food with it. From spicy cevapi (skinny sausages served with fresh bread) to rich, delicious sogan-dolma (onions stuffed with minced meat), the cuisine is simple, satisfying and just damn good… Not to mention, here was where I experienced the best kebab of my life, hands down. Yep, I just said that.

In short, Bosnia Herzegovina is an incredible destination that simply doesn’t get the notice it deserves. Receiving just 1-million tourists per year (Italy has in the realm of 50-million annual visitors, for some perspective), the country is yet to be ruined by tourism and become overrun, but is full of insane hidden gems which you should explore.

Cheeky decider? It’s ridiculously cheap to travel.

Travellers’ heaven. Take me back.

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