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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" – Maya Angelou



Europe, Europe, Europe. So vastly different from country to country, city to city even. It sits on so many people’s doorsteps yet, for the most part, stays largely untouched. Until 2014, I had lived in England my whole life yet had never seen the Eiffel Tower, nor had I set foot in Germany. In fact, anywhere other than Spain for that matter; I got fed up of telling people about my travels to Inner Mongolia, whilst not being able to answer questions about Scotland because I’d NEVER BEEN.

Poor show.

You really won’t find another continent with more tales to tell of years gone by; battles won and lost, anarchy, monarchies, politics, art, conspiracies, inventions, movements… A year on and a fair trek around Europe later, I feel much more accomplished and able to explain why it’s such an incredible, exciting and EASY continent to travel.

Read my personal blog from a few months solo-travelling around Europe in 2014, here.


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