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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" – Maya Angelou

Joanne Suter

I don’t have a middle name, sadly.

But you can call me many a nickname; Jo, JoJo, Mojo, Joan.

Anne, Froje, Jill… Jofe. Janet. Okay I’ll stop.

Fanny-Ann K SORRY I’m done.

I’m a 24 year old British girl, grown up in the Royal County of Berkshire, just outside of London.

I live to travel. I have an unceasing adoration for seeing new places, setting myself goals and then seeing them through to completion, whether that’s facing my fear of the ocean by getting my PADI qualifications (still building myself up for this one), or visiting 50 countries by the age of 25 (at 48 at the moment – we’re looking pretty good).

In August of 2014, I had a huge revelation after a tough few months; being that, actually, I am really not enjoying my job and, actually, why am I spending so much time surfing the net, staring at pictures of far-flung places and wishing I was there when I could just… Go?

So, I quit my job on the Wednesday, packed up my desk that Friday and left the country the following Monday.

Click here for the full story.

OK SO cool

I have a lot to say in general – not all of it interesting, nor important, and little of any significance to anyone but myself. But I love writing, so write I shall. About anything that takes my fancy at any given moment. This of course means that I’ll be mostly rambling BUT… I really have found happiness and have realised how possible – not easy, but possible – it is to live the life you want; I desperately want to help others realise this too.

Since I quit back in 2014 I’ve visited over 20 new countries, driven over 50,000 kilometres and met countless incredible people (including my now boyfriend and travel partner, whom you will learn to know as simply, “The Boy”). I’ve eaten delicious new cuisine, and sampled far too much local beer. I have discovered an unceasing adoration for the outdoors, and hiked to some breathtaking peaks – places I never would have seen myself going before.

Most importantly, I am happy with and proud of myself every single day (almost) <— THIS is my real achievement.

I hope you enjoy keeping up with my journey chaps, for as long as it may continue.


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